About Us

About Us

The Moreno Valley Educators Association (MVEA) was founded in 1991 and represents 1,800 professionals that is comprised of teachers, nurses, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and guidance counselors of the Moreno Valley Unified School District.  Affiliated with the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association, MVEA has been representing Moreno Valley Educators since 1991.

The Moreno Valley Educators Association is an organization of professionals which serves as a powerful voice communicating the needs of educators and students to the district, parents, and the community in order to establish a positive school environment and build quality educational programs.  The Association will continue to protect the rights of educators, and thereby students, by promoting equity and human rights.

We provide professional advocacy on the range of issues educators face: salary, working conditions, and teaching and learning.

Membership connects you with the best and brightest teachers from across California who share best practices and insider tips at conferences and workshops.

We strive for excellence in and out of the classroom. We work collaboratively with the district to communicate the needs of members and students.